High water Inner Gorge. Photograph 1983 Tim Turner.

Me in a nutshell.

My path as a writer and scientist passionate about water started with my first career, guiding in the Grand Canyon and on rivers around the West. Between boating seasons, I worked as a fluvial geologist (focused on river deposits), director of watershed research, and science writer/editor. Selected publications are here.

Part of the NPS river unit. Photograph 1984 by Jeannine Koshear.

Part of the NPS river unit. Photograph 1984 by Jeannine Koshear.

Storytelling captivated me, so I wrote for Aeon, Audubon, Brevity, Hakai, Hunger Mountain, More, Orion, The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, Shenandoah, Sierra, THEMA, Undark, and many other journals.

I’ve won a few awards and worked in residency at Hedgebrook, The Island Institute, and PLAYA at Summer Lake.

Havasu eddy. Photograph 2005 by Krista Preston.

My first novel, Junction, Utah, won the 2014 WILLA Award for original softcover fiction. (A ride through canyon backcountry with oil-crossed lovers fictional Madeline Kruse and Chris Sorensen.)

Recently I completed my second novel, 49 North, set in Alberta and taking on water issues in the far north. Now I’m writing The Oasis this Time: Living and Dying with Water in the West due out in 2019 at Torrey House Press. Too much time at the desk and not enough on rivers, but it makes them all the more precious.