High water Inner Gorge. Photograph 1983 Tim Turner.

Me in a nutshell.

My path as a writer and scientist with a passion for water started with my first career, guiding on the Colorado in Grand Canyon and other Western rivers.

Between boating seasons, I trained as a fluvial geologist (focused on river deposits), then worked for many years as a researcher and science writer/editor. Today I team with writers and scientists on articles, books, and watershed projects.

Part of the NPS river unit. Photograph 1984 by Jeannine Koshear.

Part of the NPS river unit. Photograph 1984 by Jeannine Koshear.

My writing has been published in Aeon, Brevity, Hakai, Hunger Mountain, More, Orion, The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, Shenandoah, Sierra, Undark, and many other publications. I’ve won several writing awards and worked in residency at Hedgebrook, The Island Institute, and PLAYA at Summer Lake.

Field research in Alberta. Photograph 2015 by Paul Christopulos.

Field research in Alberta for Fulbright Canada. Photograph 2015 by Paul Christopulos.

My first novel, ecofiction titled Junction, Utah, won a WILLA Award for original softcover fiction. I’ve just completed my second novel, 49 North, set in Alberta and revolving around crimes and social injustice related to water quality in the far north. Now I’m writing my third novel, Snakelands, the first of a series and set in the misty sloughs of Mayacamas, California.