Autumn is the time to revisit the movie Last of the Mohicans. When the morning air gets a cool edge, and the angle of daylight falls farther toward the horizon, I’m reminded of the September 1992 film release and a colleague taking off early from work to go see it. “You’d better hurry out of here,” another co-worker told her, “before we start beating you up.” We were jealous: the poster showing Daniel Day-Lewis as we’d never imagined him had been up at the theaters for weeks. Because we never thought of leaving work to go, though, we were going to have to wait until the weekend. Now when autumn light prompts me to watch the movie (the theater cut not the director’s cut), these are the things I look forward to seeing and hearing. 1. Impossibly attractive people, actors at the height of their beauty, running through the woods. 2. The surge of majestic music as the camera pans imbricated blue mountains. 3. The chunk of gneiss the camera dwells on after the deadly cliffside combat near the end of the movie. 4. Steve Waddington as Major Duncan Heyward translating English to French and French to English in the pow-wow at the Huron village. 5. Jodhi May … Continue reading Mohicans