January 2015. Slowly, reluctantly getting ready to head home–reluctant not because I don’t miss California and our friends there (I do)–but because serving as Fulbright Scholar has been an outstanding experience. To those I’ve met and come to know in this big, beautiful country, I can only say au revoir. I’ll be working hard over the next few months to write my own story of this place with as much heart and mind as I can muster.

Athabasca River, Jasper National Park, Alberta.

Athabasca River, Jasper National Park, Alberta.

I’m still humming that old Jimmy Buffett tune, “Wonder Why We Ever Go Home,” from Rancho Deluxe, a Montana-based movie so little remembered but so much loved. Even when it came out in the 1970s, I related to the question posed in that song, and it remains an open inquiry in my roster of life’s puzzles.

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