November 2014. An extra hour in the day since daylight savings changed us back to standard. An extra serving of the clear, blue Alberta sky. Trees have turned to mostly skeletal versions of their formerly fat, green selves down by the river. The smell of rose hips and decaying leaves is sweet. A few ducks fly past the many gulls who stand in shallow river water and face the wind, cold and soon to turn colder.

A view of the river through willows. Photo by Rebecca Lawton.

A view of the North Saskatchewan through willows. Photo by Rebecca Lawton.

This river that flows north-northeast still disorients me. I strike out to a new destination as if west were east and vice versa, no matter how many times I’ve consulted a map. There’s just a gene in me that feels a river running west, and I set my compass accordingly. Eventually I find the coffee shop or museum I’m looking for, but only after walking extra kilometers and ever-smaller circles that gradually close in on the place I’m headed.

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