H20 Notes


What about our own work? It may never be read; is it necessary? If not, maybe we can save ourselves the trouble. We can give up writing or painting or philosophizing for extra sleep in the morning. Or for more time outdoors. Or for more time listening to baseball. [...]


Literature of place has been with us forever, from the heroic journeys there and back again (think Homer and [...]


“Less is more,” German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, sometime around the turn of the [...]


Rather than muse about the hot summer, I thought I’d post this exciting news about the success of a [...]


This summer day will burn hot, here and around the hemisphere. Last night the evening air chilled enough that [...]


The heartbreaking 2016 Antarctic crossing of Henry Worsley, who came within 126 miles of his goal, recently [...]


Am I the only one here who can’t rest when the moon is waxing? Who sits up sipping chai at two a.m. on [...]