Reading Water: Lessons from the River

Book Cover: Reading Water: Lessons from the River
2002 Foreword finalist for Nature Book of the Year.

This classic read about Western guiding is a must for all river lovers. At a time when water must be cherished more than ever, Reading Water resonates with a new generation of readers.

For those who have navigated America's great rivers by boat - and for those who wish they could - this book brings a deep understanding from an early woman guide.

As Lawton writes, "The river taught me instinctive responses, in an unparalleled mentorship that led me throughout the American West every day for more than a decade. Being on the river taught me to read water - to psyche out where rocks hid in riffles, find safe passage in inscrutable rapids, and keep moving in flatwater sections."

In this tenth anniversary edition, Lawton offers the countless lessons she learned from interpreting rivers and currents, living in the river community, and becoming part of a boater's subculture.