Discover Nature in the Rocks: Things to Know and Things to Do

A friendly, knowledge-packed introduction to the hands-on study of rocks and the earth. Perfect for geology enthusiasts of all ages. Combines dozens of simple, safe activities with detailed illustrations and informative text.

From the back cover: "Geology explores why the earth looks and behaves the way it does, from the organized shapes of crystals to the ever-changing shapes of continents. Careful observation can reveal countless clues to a rock's history: How was the rock formed? What is its composition? Have wind, water, and gravity altered its appearance? Discover Nature in the Rocks introduces you to this fascinating world through directed observations and hands-on activities that lead you to your own exciting discoveries."

"According to education experts and other savants of sometimes doubtful motive, most Americans' grasp of basic science principles is abysmally shaky. But now, with this user-friendly introduction, help is available for understanding at least the science of geology. As the subtitle implies, the book is loaded with facts and projects. The writing is informative, tidy, engaging, and greatly augmented by the copious illustrations. The projects (the likes of "Measuring Longshore Currents" and "Understanding Isostasy") are simple, meaningful, and excellent for undertaking with children. Perfect for families, the book is also entertaining and useful for adults without children who are interested in painlessly learning some new or brushing up on their old geological knowledge" – Mike Tribby, Booklist reviewer for Discover Nature series