What I Never Told You: Stories

Book Cover: What I Never Told You: Stories


In these stories, writes award-winning author Andrew X. Pham, "Lawton's fluid prose flows like her beloved river . . . the surreal depth becomes within reach. Simply one of the best collections I’ve read in years." — ANDREW X. PHAM, author, Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars and Catfish and Mandala


Published in 2014 as Steelies and Other Endangered Species: Stories on Water by Little Curlew Press (2014), What I Never Told You: Stories has been revised and updated collection by former Grand Canyon river guide Rebecca Lawton.


As Roger Real Drouin, publisher of Little Curlew Press and author of No Other Way wrote about this collection: "Rivers, oceans, and ephemeral washes are not just settings in Lawton's stories, they’re vessels for transformation . . . [This] is an unforgettable journey on our most beloved element in all its liquid beauty, strength, and potential for violence. Lawton knows water from the inside out, having guided on it, swum and sailed and rowed and paddled it, and written about it from her unique perspective for decades."


“Lawton’s beautifully rendered and accessible stories make you want to move quickly from beginning to end, but I urge you—savor the journey. Breathe in the spirit of each new place.” — PAGE LAMBERT, author, In Search of Kinship and Shifting Stars


"A powerful collection of stories about connections to the wild and necessary land, rivers, and creatures around us. But as part of the wondrous and fragile web made possible by water, it is also a beautiful meditation on the human heart and our essential connections to each other." — Julian Hoffman, author of The Small Heart of Things


"Lawton enchants the reader with emotional honesty and an intensity that infuses her stories with the beauty of the natural world." — B.C. Rimbeaux, best-selling author, adventurer, and whitewater guide